Complete an Application Form right now.  If you worked at Camp in a previous year you will still need to complete one of these forms.  

New to Camp, you will need 3 references. Please send this reference form to them.


Staff Training starts 8 a.m. Sunday June 17, 2019

Leadership Staff start 8 a.m. Monday June 10, 2019

Lifeguard Training starts 8 a.m. Monday June 10, 2019

Employment will terminate for all staff at noon on August 18 EXCEPT for day camp staff when termination will be end of work Friday August 23.

To work at Camp Scully, ALL staff must have a medical form on file.

STAFF TRAINING DATES AND INFORMATION: Being a camp staff member is a demanding job. There is a great deal of responsibility and organization required beyond having fun. We want you to be successful in your job. Training at Camp Scully is intense and demanding, and helps you develop the skills necessary for success. Our goal is to make training as much like camp as possible. Check out some of the photos here.

All staff are paid for attending and participating in training, which consists of instruction in our goals and philosophy, policies, safety and emergency procedures, programs and activities, and interpersonal skills.

Staff training is a lot of fun and it's where you first meet the people who will be friends for the rest of your life.

Staff training is a lot of fun and it's where you first meet the people who will be friends for the rest of your life.

FIRST AID/CPR: We encourage all staff to complete First Aid and CPR training prior to working at camp.  It is required for all Lifeguards, Ropes Course Instructor and Health Director

REFERENCES:  Make sure you provide three telephone numbers of 2 professional references and 1 personal reference. If your work experience is limited to volunteer positions, you may provide those contacts. Send a reference form to your referees or download a paper version.

BACKGROUND CHECK: It is a goal of Camp Scully that we protect all children in our care. In order to ensure that we are hiring individuals that do not have a background that may potentially harm a child, we are required to conduct a background check on all potential employees.


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Interviews are a valuable way to select competent staff. The interview is also an opportunity for you to meet the camp director and have an introduction to Camp Scully. Our interviewing process is divided into two parts: the Initial Screening and the Personal Interview.

THE INITIAL SCREENING: The Initial Screening is done from the application form to make sure the applicant will be a good fit with our camp organization and philosophy.  It also matches qualifications with the job being applied for. Following this, selected applicants will be contacted to set up a Personal Interview.

THE PERSONAL INTERVIEW: The Personal Interview is a meeting or phone conversation between the Camp Director and the applicant. This meeting gives us a better opportunity to evaluate the abilities that Camp Scully values. In this interview we look for personality, leadership, organization and other qualities that we know from experience contribute to making excellent staff members. Following the personal interview applicants will be notified by phone of any job offer.

The following is a specific list of procedures for your Interviewing Process.

1.    Fully complete the employment application.

2.    We will screen your application.

3.    If successful, you will be contacted to arrange for a Personal Interview.

If you have any questions about working at Camp Scully please contact our office at (518) 283-1617 or email Thank you!